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9 Disney Channel Classic Flick Characters Every Gay Man Appreciated

9 Disney Channel Classic Flick Characters Every Gay Man Appreciated

If you were a tween developing upwards inside later part of the ’90s/early ’00s, chances are you got in your great amount of Disney station starting Movies, those made-for-TV treasures that filled up our very own Friday nights with overwrought courses on adore, control and friendship.

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They were enjoyable, colourful and starred precocious teens which not just appeared many smarter compared to the people within resides, but had been in addition ridiculously attractive compared to you gangly, pimply watchers in the home. Several of those cuties turned all of our role products many of those, better…let’s just state they determined feelings of a completely different type.

Under, we’ve rounded up our very own directory of DCOM figures that all gaybies either planned to end up like…or wished to be with.

Andy a€?Brink’ Brinker, Brink!

than a sk8r boi when you look at the late ’90s, then when edge! hit airwaves in early 1998, tween girls and gays dropped frustrating for motion picture’s protagonist, Andy a€?Brink’ Brinker.

With perfectly stylized highlighted tresses, a center of gold and a wacky group of a€?soul-skatera€? close friends, Brink was actually precisely what we believe the senior high school soulmate would appear like. Also he had many alluring after class concert employed at Pups-N-Suds, in which the guy basically just offered bathing to adorable pups.